sanden compressor to replace a6 25" Clutch - New Sanden Replaces number 3763384M91, 509-5751 Original Sanden SD7H15, 5 1/4" 2 Groove Clutch, GM Pad Mount, 12V Fits: 383, 390, 390T, 393, 396, 398, 399 Specifications COMPRESSOR TYPE SD7H15 HEAD TYPE QC OIL TYPE R134 Pag Oil CLUTCH DIAMETER 132mm, 5. $22. Choose top quality brands Behr, Denso, Four Seasons, GPD, Global Parts Distributors, Nissens, Sanden, Santech/ Omega Envir. Your making a good choice in replacing it with a Sanden compressor. Available finishes include chrome plated, polished aluminum, stealth black, various colors and Factory Cast PLUS+. 13 Check air gap with feeler gauges SD7H15 Type C Service Manual Prepared July 1999 – Application Engineering Feb 11, 2018 · The long cylindrical A6 compressors used on 1963-'76 Corvettes are available new or remanufactured from Zip. 1″ (From Big Right Ear) Gauge Line The standard TM-15 is a bit too small for my system, which was designed for compressors in the 10-12. 3. 0FSI 147W, 3. Sanden Style AC Compressor; Compressor Model: HP150; Aftermarket Number: 488-45011 A/C Compressor (New) by Sanden About A/C Compressors Air conditioning works by compressing a refrigerant gas (it will heat up) which then flows to the condenser radiator on the front of the car to cool and liquefy. type mm - ins recon type cl-14238 2 x 3/8" 127 - 5" n - a recon delco a6 some jaguar; some rolls royce cl-15222 1 x a 127 - 5" n - a recon delco a6 holden, commodore, statesman with harrison Compressor Sanden 4069 Suits Kenworth Truck SD7H15 12V 8PV 119mm VOR Direct Mount JDA Head Long Haul Super Heavy Duty Replacement for Sanden 8083 Item No. Use with either R-12 or R-134a refrigerant. Or, how to lose 27 The mounting of the Sanden-type compressor is very simple – use the front mounting plate for the A-6 to bolt Why Abandon the A6? • Weighs too much for old codgers  26 Feb 2012 A6 compressor reseal. W/6. No permanent modification of the vehicle. Complete with tool box and instructions. I know jeeps have them so do vw's and some mazda's. 1k0 820 808 b - 5n0820803c . 134a PAG 100 OilIncludes: 88378261. Use with either R-12 & R-134a refrigerant. Known by its size, weight and length, the A6 compressor powered the air conditioning system for passenger cars to heavy duty trucks and agricultural machinery. replace with the 1000-4000 SANDEN Application Information Part; 9999: 1100 all engines: CO 1100DC SD7V16 Compressor Assembly OEMS: 1102 all engines: CO 1102DC SD7V16 Compressor Assembly OEMS: 1206 all engines: CO 1206DC SD7V16 Compressor Assembly OEMS: 1208 all engines 1216 all engines 1289 all engines: CO 1216DC SD7V16 Compressor Assembly OEMS: 1214 all engines A/C Compressor (New) by Sanden Product Description New a/c compressor for any 9-3 sport sedan 03 - mid '05 (up to chassis # 51041814), 9-3 convertible 04 - mid '05 (up to chassis # 51041814). 23″ Diameter, 2. Vehicle Fitment. Tractors - 4000, 4020, 4040, 4230, 4240, 4320, 4430, 4440, 4520, 4620, 4630, 5020, 6030, 7020, 7520, 8430, 8440, 8630, 8640. 7 2wd and R4 model a/c compressor. SHS - GM Type Compressor S6 - GM A6 Replacement (1401069-1) Sanden Aftermarket provides a full range of OEM replacement compressors and components as supplied to major OEM customers. 2-4 compared to 10-20. Converts A6 Compressors to Sanden Style Heavy Duty Compressors; Includes: Compressor; Low Voltage Switch; High-Low Binary Pressure Switch Kit (Includes: Binary Switch, Adapter, Pigtail Connector, Spacer w/ 10 x 110 MM & 3/8 x 43/8 Bolts, Clamping Plate, A6 O-Rings, & Sanden Pad O-Rings) Mounting Bracket & Hardware; Product Specific Notes (2) CONVERTING R-12 SYSTEMS TO R134a: Recommended Procedures For Sanden R-12 Compressors Retrofitted With R134a . NOTE: Replacement compressor may be shipped with 8-9 ounces of NEW refrigerant oil. of Grooves: 2 groove Belt Type: Two 1/2'' Belts No. com provides automotive A/C replacement accumulators, compressors, condensers Replace Air Conditioner A/C Compressor Clutch Bearing: (SELTEC) GM Sanden 505, 507, 708 HONDA 709, A6 DA6 HD6 HR6 HR6HE HT6 HU6 R4 V5 Level compressor. Sanden 1 Groove (A1) Sanden 1 Groove (C1) Sanden 10 Groove (PV10) Sanden 12 Groove (PV12) Sanden 2 Groove (A2) Sanden 4 Groove (PV4) Sanden 6 Groove (PV6) Sanden 7 Groove (PV7) Sanden 8 Groove (PV8) Sanden Compressor Heads; Seltec (ICE, Tama, Zexel) York; York to Sanden 133 Compressor Application Guide Compressors 2 (800) 499 -6849 www. Rather than About the replacement compressors, those I have found before, and walked away. It gets louder with higher rpms. com for your vehicle. One New Aftermarket Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Style Fits Allis Chalmers Models: 4W305, 7000, 7010, 7020, 8010 (Prior to S/N 2012), 8550 (Models w/ 6. I have seen the Seltec-Valeo replacement for the HT6 "Belly Leaker" but  S6 COMP. Straight Steel R134 16mm Hi Side Retrofit Abilene Machine New Replacement AC Compressor Conversion Kit - A6 to Seltec - for 4640 4840 John Deere Tractor Air Conditioner Compresser Conversion Kit Sanden Style Compatible with John Deere 4620 6620 4840 8440 5200 4240 7700 8630 4000 4040 4430 4630 4320 4440 4230 7520 5400 4640 8640 4020 7720 8430 4520 According to these guys who have been in business since the 60's, the evaporator cap. 95 in. D. A6 / S6; Compressor Mounting Brackets; Denso / Nippondenso; Sanden. S6 COMP. Oct 29, 2020 · Adjust the compressor belt, and tighten the compressor mounting bolts. SKU: CB-U. Eliminate originla compressor shaft-seal leak problem. By Vehicle I'm looking for a bracket set to convert from a A6 to Sanden AC compressor using the main head mount for the A6 on my 69. The one in New XLI puts no load on engine at all. com INTerNATIoNAL YeAr /eNGINe moDeL DesCrIpTIoN oem No. Locate the Identification Tag on the compressor body - the part number is stamped on the tag. You have no items to compare. evap but converting rest of system to 134 freon. Sanden SD7H15 Compressor With 6 Groove Clutch Assembly Measuring 5. part pulley o. I know you can buy an . × A '99 Suburban came with a GM compressor not a Sanden. Combines - 6600, 6620, 6622, 7700, 7720, 7722. The following AC compressor install procedure by Sanden, covers the compressor oil and refrigerant specifications, and compressor replacement steps/tips. Sanden= Good, durable compressor. Today the A6 is not common at all and some of its design flaws have been forgotten. will not fit zexel compressor used in some models. E. Compressor Replace Valve Plate and Gaskets. Only $48. Has anyone done this and what suggestions can you offer in regards to compressor brackets and ac lines. maximum). The compressor ships full of oil. Your only choice without converting to a Sanden with new hoses would be the Pro6Ten from Old Air as the port layout is exactly the same as the A6. Need ac, but I do not want to Sanden A/C Compressor by Vintage Air®. In an attempt to troubleshoot the control valve, I disconnected the electrical connector at the compressor and hooked my voltmeter to it. Item # 500-07524 New Heavy Duty A6 Delco Replacement, 24 Volt with 5. Pro6Ten= Sanden compressor with A6 mount points and hose connections. Clean compressor nose of all dirt, grease or debris. 26 Mar 2014 XJS ( X27 ) - Harrison/GM A6 or Sanden SD5102 AC Compressor Replacement - My AC compressor ate itself, so need to replace it. Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement Part Sanden European Union, spare part for the Sanden air conditioning compressors, for 1. 00 Add to cart; Compressor Pro6TEN A6 Replacement Super Heat AC Compressor Control Valve 3 o-rings Suitable for SANDEN PXE14 PXE16 RC number: RC. Source from Ningbo Anchor Auto Parts Co. 5N•m Fig. Sanden provides field service containers of. 5 The S6 Single Grove Compressor - A Direct GM A6 Replacement . ) Specifications Application: Farm & Off Road Applications Description: A6 to Sanden Conversion Kit Volts: 12V Clutch Diameter: 132mm No. I was going to replace the compressor and dont know if its a H6 or a HT6. Some diagnostic tests or thorough inspection will reveal other possible problems with the A/C. Jul 27, 2014 · The compressor is the Sanden 1601. Shipping John Deere 4230 Tractor Conversion Kit Delco A6 to Sanden Compressor with Dual Switch John Deere 4230 Air ConditioningGenuine Sanden SD7H15, w/ 8. to confirm place valves side by side and note that the orings align and the body diameters are the same. No special tools required. The component itself will cost anywhere from $650 to $950 or more. 1990 Jaguar XJS Base 12 Cyl 5. Sanden. The labor costs will be anywhere from $150 to $200. It is basically a pump with a rotor inside it that makes compression possible. Replace rings. 888301333 In Stock. Did have to get a 1" longer belt because the kit included four 1/8" spacer to shim it up for some reason. 0TDI 81kW/100kW/103kW/125kW, 2. The remanufactured A6 compressor is a much higher quality than the aftermarket new option. SPECS: MOUNT: DIRECT MOUNT CYLINDER HEAD TYPE: WH FITTINGS: V-Thread Size: 3/4 x 7/8 Female. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Replace features premium quality and will perform Sep 01, 2017 · The only reason I mentioned this is a Sanden compressor is a copy of a A-6 GM compressor unfortunately without a oil sump. ) (oil part no. The mount type of this compressor is a swing type and the compressor is compatible with R134a. Excellent solution to low hood clearance issues. Audi A6 Quattro 4. Product Notes Includes: 88146222 Bolt on bracketry to replace that large heavy A6 compressor with a Sanden or Seltec compressor. Okay  Specifications Application: Farm & Off Road Applications Description: A6 to Sanden Conversion Kit Volts: 12V Clutch Diameter: 132mm No. when i turn on the ac the compressor sounds like its clacking or knocking. Setup prior to the ND compressor installation GM Sanden SD7 Compressor Fittings; Sanden Flex Compressor Manifold Block for GV Rear Heads; Oring Compressor Fittings with Service Ports; Denso 10S17F 10S20F Compressor Adapters; LS1, LS2 and LS3 Compressor Blocks; Ford Compressor Blocks; Ford DKS-17DS, FS18, FS20 Compressor Block Fittings; Denso 10PA17C 10PA20C Compressor Manifolds; GM 5. If it did and you still have the original GM brackets, get the new aluminum A6 replacement compressor. Ditto on that I just swapped my R4 to a Sanden FLX7 (7 piston as opposed to the 5 piston 508 series) with my Classic Auto Air set up. CHECKING COMPRESSOR OIL HARRISON HD6/HT6, HD6/HR-6HE 6-CYL. Replacement clutches, coils, cylinder heads and a variation of different port sized manifolds for the FLX7 series are available for repair and servicing your own  22 Feb 2019 Has anyone used the cast iron mount used at the front of the A6 GM compressor to mount a Sanden type compressor. P. Part # 29-43500. I had considered a TM-21, which is 210cc, but I felt it was too much compressor for the size of my condenser, and it isn't a bolt-in replacement for Compressor oil is filled in the compressor automatically on the production line at the relevant Sanden factory. Convert your Chevrolet A-6 compressor to a Sanden Style SD709 / SD7H15 Compressor. Eligible for Free Shipping Programs $484. Apr 13, 2013 · Generation II-616/ 617 Sanden style A/C Compressor Mounting Kit For Sale + Installation Instructions. Displacement sizes for Sanden units are identified by the numbers on the label on the case. It's supposed to take 7 oz of PAG46 oil. This A6 to Sanden Style Conversion kit covers all makes other than a Chevrolet that uses the old A6 Compressor. compressor, fully seated in groove, lug of ring should not be over the anti-rotation pin, and field ring tight against the compressor. If you are using aftermarket pulleys or a newer accessory setup, use a Sanden. 96 John Deere Air Ac Conversion Kit Delco A6 To Sanden Compressor 4440 4630 4430 Air Conditioning - $590. delco a6 single groove 12v delco a6 single groove 24v with off-road dust package delco a6 single groove 12v with off-road dust package delco (harrison) a6 compressors: universal application delco a6 specifications cos-92966 delco a6 metric compressor mounting kit complete set of bolts and nuts required to mount a delco a6 metric compressor. Part Number: VTA-15127-SCA Sanden GPD®. Replace cylinder. 4 Clutch Inspection 17. I could take the old part to NAPA, etc. Audi AC Compressor parts online. Part No: 30697N. volts new/ compressor application and other information no. I had/have a problem were my low side still has higher than desired pressure, but the system is cooling around 20 deg below ambient. $274. REPLACE IN PAIRS. 7. The 508 pushes 33,000 BTU's@ 4000 rpms . compressor, if used. May 13, 2013 · For example: compressor, o tube, accumulator, condenser and flushing the system. Our replacement parts of HARRISON brand, model A6 air conditioning compressors, with the same warranty as the new and original replacement parts. 6) Refer to Sanden compressor visual section pages for oil capacity. . d. Find Air Conditioning Compressors A6 Air Conditioning Compressor Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! New Heavy Duty Aluminum A6 Replacement Compressor with Hi & Lo Pressure Update Kit. My Account; My Wishlist; My Cart; Checkout; Log In; Home / 7803 Compressor 7803 Compressor; 7803 Compressor. AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT AC COMPRESSOR FOR SANDEN MODEL # u4663. Replacing Compressor: Replace Combined Dryer/Condenser or Dryer Desiccant Bag Only? Clutch or Compressor. 3L 6 Would work just fine on most any other A6 equipped car where the compressor is off to the side of the engine. I want to change it over to a serpentine style pulley and one of the guys at Vintage Air says I cant, I have to buy a new compressor. Most Popular Audi AC Compressors. Cool-Pro Sanden-style rotary compressor. I'm ordering a TM-16 this week. I bought at sealing kit , includind the shaft sealing. Details about Compressor Sanden 8040 Suits Case A6 Replacement SD7H15 12V 2GA 140mm. It's the  The 4440 still has the Delco A6, and clutch and pulley bearing went bad. 66. A friend of mine and I want to replace my junk R4 ac compressor on my '85 with a new Sanden compressor. Use single quotes (') for phrases. After checking it was the ac compressor. 90 Add to cart; A/6 Compressor, Seal Kit $ 29. Sanden Style AC Compressor HP150 2521152 *Please Verify OEM Number Before Purchase. 1999-05 GM Truck HT6 to Sanden SD7 AC Compressor Upgrade. The receiver-dryer acts as a filter to remove water and contaminants from the air conditioning system, and should be replaced any time major work is done on the system. It is available in brushed aluminum finish w/single 5″ diameter pulley (part #5-206) or black w/ single 5″ diameter pulley (part #5-209) . May 02, 2019 · The AC Compressor delivers the refrigerant at a high pressure to the condenser. $341. The center hole should align; the other two will require only very slight elongation with a file to admit 5/16” bolts. CLUTCH DIAMETER: 119 GROOVE: 8 GROOVE VOLTAGE: 12V. Aug 19, 2004 · A/C Compressor Clutch Installer/Remover Kit Order# AP 7886 $57. A6 to Sanden Conversion Kit - Universal. 22 Dec 2015 My York compressor on my '79 m110 is making horrible noises. I'm trying to determine which model Sanden ac compressor is best suited as a replacement for GM's R4. S. The TXV valve needs to be serviced with a compressor failure or you are being ripped off with a debris source left in the system and poor rear AC performance from a plugged screen. (will replace 5892). Southern Sales & Services supply Sanden compressors for all your application requirements. Great information about installations! CBODY67 OEM Sanden AC Compressor SD7H15HD 4664 8104 *Please Verify OEM Number Before Purchase. 3L. 00. 47; Find A Dealer. Sanden SDB705 Wobble Plate - 7 cyl 50ml OGX001 OGX031 Sanden TRS090 Turbo Rotary 120ml - 150ml OGX001 OGX031 Seiko Seiki SS110, 850, 140, 170 PSV Rotary 200ml OGX001 OGX9801 Sep 15, 2017 · Look at the listings for possible A/C compressors at rockauto. There are different ways to choose the correct replacement compressor: 1. This kit will convert your machine from a Delco A6 to Sanden compressor. York/CCI Flange (F209/210R) compressor: 1042505M91: 1401198: 383 / 390 / 393 / 396 / 398 / 399 Tractor: Sanden SD7H15 (model 4708) w/2 gr 12v clutch: 3763384M91: 1101252: 690 / 698 / 699 Tractor: Sanden SD510 (model 9120) w/2 gr 12v clutch: 690711M1: 1101425: 1080 / 1085 / 1100 / 1130 / 1150 / 1500 / 1800 Tractor: Frigidaire A6 comp w/5-5/8 Air Compressor Bracket Kit, Steel, Natural, Sanden 508, Chevy, For Use With Headers, Short Water Pump, Passenger Side, Kit. If the R-12 vehicle air conditioning system is operational, run it at idle with the A/C blower on high speed for five (5) minutes to maximize the amount of oil in the compressor. SANDEN COMPRESSOR SD7H15 List. Sanden Aftermarket also  20 Jul 2010 I want to either convert to A6 model, or replace with a better My old GM R4 compressor can be replaced with a new bracket & a Sanden 510  9 Nov 2009 BTW, Ecklers has a modern A6 compressor replacement which is half the weight and much more effeicent, and it uses the same brackets and line  A PRO6TEN is a Sanden Compressor that is a direct bolt on replacement for the A6 compressor that should be on your 78. UA98313 Compressor--Original Sanden SD7H15---Replaces 509-555 Replaces number 72275276, 72201567, 509-555 Fits: 6670 Serial Number 1154 and Above, 6680 Serial Number 1317 and Above, 6690 Serial Number 1929 and Above, 7600 Serial Number 1387 and Above, 7630 Serial Number 1066 and Above, 7650 Serial Number 1016 and Above, 8610 Serial Number 1389 and Above, 8630 Serial Number 1509 and Above A/C Compressor Oil Capacities. Oil Compressor Oil Type Oil p/N Type Oil p/N additional Measure Auto AC compressor reseal parts and kits, automotive AC service parts, compressor reseal kits,10PA,10P, HS18S20, FS10, R4, A6,HT6,Sanden, shaft seal tools A6 to Sanden Compressor Conversion Kit for John Deere®. Compressors normally fail due to loss of oil, which happens over time. Air Conditioning Compressor Conversion Kit Delco A6 and R4 to Sanden Style Allis Chalmers 7030 8050 8030 7040 7060 7045 7050 7080 7580 8070 4W-220. Sanden Sd709 found in: A/C Compressor, A/C Compressor and Components Kit, A/C Expansion Device, A/C Accumulator/Drier, …mileage warranty! Fits all US-spec 1991 and 1992 Saab 9000, plus 1993 models originally equipped. Freightliner semis also used them. Compressor Aftermarket - Sanden SD7H15, 12v Sanden Model 4711 / 4444 / 4660 / 5312 / 6125 / 7492 / 8103 / 9682. Part#3547916c1, model#u 4815, Serial#07884410470 Submitted: 10 years ago. 5 Unusual Noise Not Due to Compressor 18. $505. 2 TPS Replacement 10. But i like the new scroll type compressors. Sanden Compressor Gaskets - 25 A6 - 26 C171 - 27 CALSONIC ACKits. Keeping Cooling In The Heat. We carry all kinds of Audi AC Compressor replacement parts . 29,057 views29K Air conditioning upgrade kit - Fen Air sanden kit for Jaguar V12 AC compressor clutch bearing replacement Air Compressor, Line Setup and How to Use Air Tools for Beginners. Replace the shims onto the shaft. I am tired of roasting in 110+ degrees with no ac. 6. The Sanden compressor is really a lot more effecient than the ancient York compressor Neither one of them had the Frigidaire/Delco A6. Level should be between 5 and 6 ozs. The pully is a cake walk to change just need an impact to spin nut loose a socket snapring pliers and 2 flat screwdrivers to pop the clutch off, it's real easy. HOLE OFFSET IN SWITCH CAVITY HOLE IN CENTER OF NO SWITCH CAVITY Replace Front Shaft Seal On Sanden 5 and 7 Series Compressors This video shows how to replace the front shaft seal on Sanden 5 and 7 series compressors. Jan 28, 2009 · Supposedly has Sanden-type internals in a case like an A6. S/N 1636 may require a belt change. Compressors include a 2, 4, 6 or 8-groove pulley depending upon part number. Optional add on condenser adds approximately 30% Reman AC Compressor Models offered: A6, Denso, Sanden, York, FS10, FS6 and Others. Refer to the application section looking up application by Make, Year and Model and select the compressor needed. ) A6, R4 Sanden Compressor Port O-Ring 440-211. SD 508 Compressor with rear exit #8 and #10 male 0-ring fittings. The Sanden can run R-12 & R134a without problems, and it lasts a lot longer than the Delco. 91311 Mastercool Hitachi Spanner Plug Remover & Installer Santech Compressor Parts Sanden - SD508. Step 1: Preparation of Compressor A. Search our online ac compressor catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. 75R SERIES. 4. • A counter-clock wise (CCW) rotation compressor cannot be used to replace a clockwise (standard) compressor. KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING PARTS. 5. SKU. Replacement 2-piece style) that is approximately 1" shorter than the original. This compressor has a six groove serpentine clutch with a 112mm diameter of the pulley. Below is a list of SD7H15. Universal Air Conditioner // 1441 Heritage Parkway, PO Box 299 // Mansfield, TX 76063 817-740-3900 // fax 817-740-3997 Notes: Compressor Replacement Kit -- Complete Kit Includes #(s) CO 4573JC, EX 10207C, RD 10902C, RO 0900B, RS 2623; Sanden Replacement One New Aftermarket Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 & R4 to Sanden Style Fits Allis Chalmers Models: 4W220 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only - Late Tractors May Require Shimming the Compressor Forward a 1/2", Due to Variances in the Front Crankshaft Pulley), 7030 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7040 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7045 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7050 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only **Please choose Tractor Model ** Genuine Sanden Pump Replaces Original A6 Compressor Fits: 4030, 4040, 4230, 4240, 4430, 4440, 4630, 4640, 4840 Includes: Sanden Pump, Conversion Kit, complete line set, Receiver Drier, Expansion Valve, Pressure Switches, and O-Rings. Do not include alpha prefix or suffix. Check viscosity and leaking compressor seals, compressor overhaul or component replacement. Sanden SD709 / SD7H15 style compressor upgrade for various 1999-05 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs with GM HT6 compressors. SKU: 21-4510 Category: Sanden Style. 6) Check for proper airflow through cooling fins of condenser and radiator. 2L with Factory Compressor Type 7SEU16C with Denso A/C System 2007, A/C Compressor by Replace®. Slide the field coil (2) off the compressor housing. Part Number: VTA-045001 Nov 11, 2019 · An AC compressor is a very significant component of any vehicle. If you are converting a non-originally AC equipped car then I would go with CCA's Sanden bracket/pulley and Sanden compressor (because you don't already have brackets). Email to a Friend. In the early year of A/C, the Harrison A6 compressor was the work horse of the A/C system. When selecting a replacement component, you will need to have . May 18, 2017 · Hi fellas, So I'm replacing the ac compressor on my Buick Rendezvous, and have now sworn never to buy anything GM again as long as I live. If you're sick of dealing with the problems with the R4, here is a possible solution: 2003 Ford F-550 V10 New Sanden Style New A/C Compressor 4848 4371 4035 2C3H19D629CA 6U9Z19703A YC2496 YCC187 YCC136 / New AC Compressor Replacement . Eliminate the old A/C Compressor; New Sanden/Sankyo SD7H15 Compressor w/ Clutch; New Sanden/Sankyo SD7H15 Compressor w/ Clutch; Compressor New /Sanden 7; Compressor, New Compressor; New Sanden/Sankyo SD7H15 Compressor w/ Clutch; New Compressor; New Compressors meet or exceed OE specifications; New Compressors are validated for the equivalent of 100,000 miles The ac works fine but as I pulled into the drive way I heard a strange sound. If you only need to replace your worn out compressor or you would like to retrofit your current system, or even have a requirement for large quantities for production, then we cater for all your needs. 10. Guide. 250 thick mill grade steel. Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden, w/ Single Switch. COMPRESSORS — GM HARRISON / FRIGIDAIRE / DELPHI  8 Aug 2007 The Sanden is a very good compressor, BUT if you currently use an A6 the Sanden would actually be a slight downgrade. Type AMA also have a new direct replacement for this Nippon 5 3/4” ( 146mm ) 1A A6 12v CLUTCH. unit you proably won't be happy with the system. Drain down to bottom of threads. 73. Displacement (ci):  York to Sanden Compressor Conversion Kits. Part Number: GPD7512682. I want to fit a compressor that was designed for R134a from the outset. If you are replacing a compressor or other A/C system component, it is important to replace any compressor oil that has been lost when parts are changed. If you change the compressor size without changing evap. Cotton Picker - 9940. Make sure you check the compressor label or drawing for the type and amount of oil as different compressors can use different amounts of oil. 1k0820808b . The next part of this job is to replace the receiver-dryer. Excessive oil in compressor. SANDEN STANDARD COMPRESSORS FOR R134a. Our mounting & conversion kit provides you with all of the parts you need to install a durable, world-famous Sanden SD Series compressor in your car. This new design is specifically engineered to fit original A6 mounting brackets and A/C hose assemblies. The old RV2/A6 systems used to cost about 2mpg on the highway. The compressor is located in the same place the RV2 uses the same belts, used dryer and expansion valve from the local parts store. But when you  SANDEN - ILLUSTRATED LISTING to the “OEM Replacement Compressor” section beginning on page 46. 91292 master sanden compressor service tool set All specialized tools necessary to service seal, clutch and clutch bearing on Sanden 505, 507, 508, 510 and 575. For future searchers looking to replace sanden A\C compressor clutch bearing, Thanks beavis masterbeavis said: I found the bearing online for $15, rented all of the AC tools that Autozone and Kragens had, and got after it. (An orange warning tag will usually accompany the compressor). 24 each ; Add to Wishlist; Additional I have 81 C10 Scottsdale w/ 5. This is an aftermarket Chinese compressor that is equivalent to Sanden model number 7176. SP-10 PAG oil for  An Audi A6 AC Compressor Replacement costs between $1048 and $1554 on average. 15-5014. Compressor Sanden 508 Type $ 299. 1 cubic inch. 8) Check for correct gas charge; For replacment compressor for this kit use 167234; For Kit with Sanden Style Compressor Sanden SD510 Compressors You can search for Sanden SD510 compressors by description below or by entering a Sanden or vehicle manufactures part number in the area provided on this page. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 1990 Jaguar XJS Collection Rouge 12 Cyl 5. 11 Replace shims Fig. A. AMX10164. Getting to shows or dinner parties is half the fun in your A6. 4 cubic inch, SD 7 = 7 cylinder/ 6. When replacing a failed component or accessory for a compressor, it is always best to use the one specified by the manufacturer. I did find a couple that are made for tractors but not even the company can tell me much about them. The Pro6TEN Compressor is a 10 Cylinder "bolt-in" direct replacement for the GM Frigidare/Harrison A-6 Compressor. The A-6 Replacement Compressor is available in Natural and Chrome. Application - refer to the application section looking up application by Make, Year and Model and select the compressor needed. and the 510 is 38,400 BtU's @ 4000 rpms. INTERNATIONAL T444E 2509455C91,ET210L-25408C N/A NEW AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT FOR SANDEN SD7H15. Oil in discharge air. John Deere 4430 Air Conditioning(with Replacement Sound-Gard Body or John Deere 4430 Tractor Conversion Kit Delco A6 to Sanden Compressor - New. 15-5014-2. Comp. Aug 12, 2009 · I have a sanden A/c compressor that goes on 2005 cummins orange engine what would it cost to replace. From all I read R4 units are prone to problems. Replace armature dust cover (if used) Reapply thread lock and torque 3 bolts to 3. 460. Jun 15, 2010 #2. And I can't even tell the compressor is on in terms of power loss with the R4 I could feel some power loss and the best it could do was about 43 deg air. After extensive development and testing, our Manufacturer has introduced direct GM A6 replacement compressors. Displacement (ci): 9. 2L with Factory Compressor Type 7SEU16C with Denso A/C System 2008, A/C Compressor by Replace®. If the vehicle came with an A6 or you have all of the A6 mounts, the Pro6Ten is the best choice. This kit will include everything needed to remove the old compressor  2 Aug 2013 Where can I buy the correct hose connection adapters or replacement hoses? Is a new POV required? Is a new dryer required? . Installing Clutch on Compressor Replace the complete clutch to ensure required performance is achieved and warranty requirements are met. 00 Add to cart; New: Compressor GM A6 Double Groove Pulley $ 995. 7 oz. have a lower displacement than the oem a6. compressor, condensor, evaporator ect. As I understand it, you administer the oil through the S6 - GM A6 Replacement • A & B HEAD TYPES ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. The R4 'pancake' compressor was a light-weight alternative to the A6 it tried to replace. Compressor-New Sanden SD7H15, R134A, 24 V 101-1759 4604 New Compressor, Aftermarket Replacement for 4604 -- 4604AM Sanden SD510, R12, 12 V 8T8816 4504 Expansion Valve-O’Ring Fittings 3E9343 38877 Receiver Drier-4” Dia. Product Tags. All States Ag Parts Parts A. $417. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. The R4 compressors leak also, but not as much. These compressors are commonly found on Dodge trucks as well as un Old Air Products carries a wide range of replacement car air conditioner compressors and other parts. The system freaking blows 36 deg air out the vents. This A&I Products compressor is 54% lighter than the cast iron original. COMPRESSOR TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE. 94. Be the The A6 was born inte middle of the sixties, and could be found in GM cars for the whole seventies. Clean air filter element and check for other restrictions in the intake system. 7” 24V CL. Mount a Sanden 508 compressor to your engine with this universal compressor bracket kit. Part Number. C. This means that you could be looking at a total price of $800 to $1,150. Converting R-12 Systems to R134a 10. Universal A6 to Sanden Mounting Bracket Kit. Brand New. I was converting my system to R134a refrigerant when I discovered that the compressor was leaking a lot, therefore I had to replace all sealings that could be found in it. $572. 10 products per page, 20 products per page, 40 products per page, 50 products per page, 100 products per page. Description Tm12 Tm13 Tm15 Tm16 Tm26/31 15-3020Shim gaugeX X X X X 15-3034 Clutch holding Tool X X X X X Compressor Front Head (4) Compressor Gasket Kit (2) Compressor Housing (3) Compressor Kit (17265) Compressor Manifold (27) Compressor Miscellaneous Parts (3) Compressor Mount And Drive Kit (158) Compressor Nose (1) Compressor Rear Head (69) Compressor Reed Valve/Plate (2) Compressor Relief Valve (9) Compressor Shaft (1) Compressor Shaft Seal Check the compressor and other parts of the cooling system before replacing the relief valve. 3 (well actually 383 - same compressor) I ordered the kit with the oil. Compressor air intake restricted. The numbering system is interpreted as follows: SD 508 = 5 cylinder/8. Clutch diameter=5. May 14, 2018 · Naturally, the Sanden-style compressor is an axial compressor, like the GM A6, but with lower displacement and different materials, it takes less power to run it. Limit all Sanden compressor searches to four numeric digits only. 73$572. Installation of Shims. 018 Application: VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, AUDI A3/A4/A6/Q5, TIGUAN, TOURAN, SAGITAR, Golf 5, SEAT Package includes: 1X Compressor Control Valve for SANDEN PXE14 PEX16 NOTE: Pls make sure that your compressor is sanden PXE14/PXE16, before you make an order. Buy a 2010 Volkswagen Golf A/C Compressor at discount prices. . The AC compressor relay acts as a control, turning the compressor on and off when necessary. We will beat anyone's price! Order A/C Compressor for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Cheap price automatic pressure auto ac compressor control valve for SANDEN PXE16 AUDI A4 / A6 / Q5, US $ 13 - 13 / Piece, Standard, Standard Size, Electronic Control Valve. & V7 7-CYL. New Heavy Duty A6 Delco Replacement Compressor with Dust Protection  Convert your Chevrolet A-6 compressor to a Sanden Style SD709 / SD7H15 Compressor. -HG, inches of vacuum. All of the aftermarket brackets from the classic and vintage air companys look awful and intrusive. It has a leak through a gasket. Troubleshooting. 1 product rating - R134a AC Air Compressor OEM Sanden SD7H15 AC 7851. Sanden SD5 Series, SD7 Series (except SD709) – Check with dipstick, compressor in 12:00 position. Great for up to 6k operating rpm's. Been a couple years and works fine. To Bench Test. 7h15 Compressor,Replacement For Sanden Sd7h15 Compressor , Find Complete Details about 7h15 Compressor,Replacement For Sanden Sd7h15 Compressor,Sanden Sd7h15,7h15 Compressor,Replacement For Sanden Sd7h15 Compressor from Other Air Conditioning Systems Supplier or Manufacturer-Ningbo Anchor Auto Parts Co. OEM Sanden AC Compressor SD7H15HD 1 Wire; Compressor Model: SD7H15 This kit will allow you to install a more efficient Sanden 508 compressor into the factory R4 compressor bracket. This kit will allow you to install a Sanden Style SD709 / SD7H15 Compressor to the existing factory A6 bracket. Hello all happy hobbymechanics! This site will explain how to replace the sealings in a leaky compressor the amateur way. Half the weight of the original A6. Do not drain and refill. Includes: 88146210 (Compressor), 888301096 (Mount w/ Hardware), 888301232 Spacer Kit (Kit Includes 8811100 Binary Switch, 88965170 Adapter, 881181  Harrison A6. All Sanden compressors come fully charged with oil from the factory. Stock compressors can handle much less RPM. Add to cart. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The biggest bang for your buck is a remanufacutred A6 compressor. ±. 6 Unusual Noise Due to Compressor 19. 90 Add to cart; New: Compressor GM A6 Single Groove Pulley $ 995. NOTE: Changeover Kits Do not include belts, service valves and refrigerant hose. Compressor Sanden 8040 Suits Case A6 Replacement SD7H15 12V 2GA 140mm. Sanden SD709, TRF105 – Drain and measure oil. Quality designed, quality engineered and quality built describes this product. Other Compressor Types: York A/C Compressor Oil Capacities. The Sandens should be less. I know some one who changed the original XLI compressor after it failed and was expensive to replace so he put Sanden in the XLI and now his car feels like my old ee90 lol i mean when you turn on A/C the whole car dies. KYsor No. 5 cu. This compressor offers the efficiency of a Sanden compressor and retains a stock-ish appearance. Flush your system have new hoses made, add proper oil and charge it. Add Your Tags: Add Tags. $314. and try to match it up but would prefer to know I have ordered the correct replacement parts. When I replaced the GM split case with a one piece Sanden on my 98 4. At TractorJoe we carry only top quality parts, so your tractor and combine is in good hands. The metal GM A6 DAG, HR6, R4, R5 compressor. A/C COMPRESSOR WITH 8 GROOVE CLUTCH. kysorhvac. 19" VOLTAGE 12 GROOVES 2 BELT WIDTH 1/2" COIL POSITION N/A They are the #1 choice for custom and OEM vehicle builders in the trucking, heavy equipment, and aircraft industries. Fast, Free Shipping Free same day shipping included. Please phone for updated pricing. Will the Sanden  17 Jan 2020 The GM/Frigidaire A6 compressor is longer and has a smaller It shares the same basic design as the late-model Sanden unit, with The Pro6TEN compressor (left) is a great bolt-in replacement for the A6 style compressor. 95 shipping. • Volkswagen part numbers are given for reference only. The price is $180. I want to either convert to A6 model, or replace with a better manufactured R4 direct replacement unit. On All ONLINE Orders Over $300 *excludes CONDENSERS & FREON Multiple sizes of Sanden style compressors that utilize R12 or R134A refrigerant depending upon part number. 23 On Sale! A/C Compressor Clutch Installer/Remover Kit • Replaces clutches found on FS6, C171, 6P & 148 compressors GM R4 & A6, HR-6, DA-6 & V5 A/C compressors, Sanden compressors SD505, 507, 510, 575, 708 & 709 BUICK A6 A C Compressor NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE DIRECT FIT REPLACEMENT COMPRESSOR. 67. 82 Air Conditioning Compressor For John Deere 6100 6400 6600 6800 24volt Tractors Replace with the same amount of new oil (3. Drain NEW shipping refrigerant oil into a clean container and retain for later use. I noticed that most of the dash ac compressor replacements Sanden, 4 seasons ect. 3ci range (A 150cc compressor is about 9ci) like the R4 and A6. We sell wholesale to the public. The GM pump ( designed in the 50's has a sump and cars that use them do not have high or low pressure switches. Call us today 226-5000 or 1-866-616-3021 A6 Type Compressor Filter Wide Mount For Sanden Sd5H14 Compressor. Any one who has used one of the replacements which one did you use and do you notice any loss of cold air? (this is if you had a working unit to compare it to) -- Wayne Lawrence 76 Birchaven Bellflower CA Nippon Denso Corvair A/C Compressor Conversion Replacing the old GM A6 air conditioning compressor with a Nippon Denso could be considered an easy and viable substitution for the popular Sanden replacement. 7 Valve Plate Test ** Service Oil Information This service manual has been prepared by Sanden International (USA), Inc. Eligible for Free Shipping Programs Availability: In stock. Build up your engine and rev it up to leave someone in the dust and your stock compressor could lock up. 22 | Save up to 60% off dealer pricing at TractorJoe! Parts ship within 24 hours. 50" Compressor type=Sanden Fittings=Horizontal pad Grooves=2 Mount type=Ear Compressor =New Oil type= Pag100 oil 6. Manufacturer Compressor Manufacturer Compressor Model OEM Both work good. Buy 1 for $192. com Visit us Feb 06, 2018 · A modern replacement double lip seal is available from Century Auto Air, along with a reseal kit and clutch tool for the A6 compressor. Ordered a Sanden style compressor from eBay, got the brackets from Classic Auto Air. Scored cylinder. ALL DELCO A6 COMPRESSORS WITH 147 mm AND 178 mm CLUTCHES HAVE OFF-ROAD CLUTCH DUST SEAL PACKAGE. Thanks A6 CCVC CR06B CR08 CR08B CR-10 CR12S CR-14 CSE613 CSE613C CSE617 CSE717C CSP11 CSP15 CSP17 CSV511 Air Conditioning Compressor auto part photos. Compressor With 5. Buy OEM & Genuine parts with a Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping and Unlimited 365 Day Returns. 5n0 820 803 c Feb 27, 2017 · I did the Sanden conversion on my 66 New Yorker. Compare Products. Home » RV AC Parts & Vehicle HVAC Systems » PHOENIX MOBILE AIR » Compressors (Phoenix) » Compressor Replacement (Phoenix) » Compressor – Type of GM HT6 – Sanden 4440 – 19151514, 1136519 Compressor – Type of GM HT6 – Sanden 4440 – 19151514, 1136519 Nov 06, 2017 · The wrong replacement component may not only cause the compressor to not run, but it also could cause damage to the compressor. I looked through the Sanden service manual and there was no reference to replacing service ports. On rear air systems you also have to replace the TXV valve in the rear evaporator. Please call 1-800-398-3128 for pricing. If oil drained is between 3 and 5 ozs. 25 ozs. Imported Compressor Clutch Seal And Bearing Tool Set Includes all the tools necessary to replace seals, clutches and clutch bearing on Diesel Kiki (Zexel), Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nippondenso, Seiko-Seiki and Sanden 505, 507, 508, 510, 575, 708 and 709. Jan 17, 2012 · New Sanden SD7H15 Air Conditioning A/C Compressor Complete With 6 Groove Clutch Assembly For Jeep Liberty V6 3. Repair or replace if they don’t match. It Includes information on sanden compressor model: grooves: groove width: volts: clutch diameter: part no. T/CCI - Sanden Conversion Kit. G 052 154 A2) Zexel compressor | 115 cc ± 20 cc (3. When you head out for a relaxing evening, make sure that your A6 air conditioning compressor is doing its job so you don't arrive sweaty and uncomfortable. a/c is squeeky, drags engine causing stalls, and is generally not useful. 24. see 0270 for zexels. 5 oz. A/C Compressor Manifold Fitting, Adapter, Aluminum, Natural, Sanden SD7 Compressor, #8 Discharge, #10 Suction, Pair. Sanden - SD7H15 ACKits. I'm using new A6 & orig. , V5 5-CYL. John Deere 4430 Tractor Conversion Kit Delco A6 to Sanden Compressor with Dual Switch John Deere 4430 Air ConditioningGenuine Sanden SD7H15, w/ 8. • Broken Head or Repair or Replace: • Shaft Seal SANDEN COMPRESSORS NOMENCLATURE. A10-4069 Compare Jun 20, 2011 · Has anyone removed their york AC compressor and replaced it with a sanden R-134a compressor and been happy with it? Reason is that my compressor needs to be rebuilt. 6TDI 55kW/66kW/77kW, 1. The S6 compressor is a direct replacement for the stock factory A6 compressor. 9TDI 77kW, 2. cost is $125. So, I can rebuild it and replace the clutch while it’s apart or buy a remanufactured one. Showing all 11 results. Easy conversion to 134a. 75" Clutch Eff. 30 List Price $32. This older style compressor is perfect for the remanufacturing process, and consistently yields a OEM quality air conditioning compressor. com. At any rate, I ordered the compressor and it came dry. 99 ea. Our Sanden- style  New Patented Design Allows Sanden Style Compressor to Replace all A6 Mounted Compressors. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Air Conditioning Compressors, AC Compressors, Air Conditioner Compressor across India. AP Air Part Number: May 29, 2014 · Lots of cars used that compressor stock as said. It was for me anyhow. 9 oz. Using teflon coated pistsons, this compressor requires less   Compressor. The type of compressor most commonly used now in aftermarket systems is the axial type by Sanden (See our line of Custom mounting for this compressor is more difficult on non- OEM applications and new replacement parts costs are high. Currently, Sanden is a leader in producing replacement parts such as AC compressors, for all makes and models. Sanden is widely popular in heavy vehicle applications - it is more common to find a Sanden compressor is a bus, heavy truck, construction and agricultural vehicles than any other brand. If you use a Sanden compressor instead of a R-4 or A-6 compressor, the AC A6 ! Won't see any of those battle tanks on these GMT400 trucks. this is ok and the 10335 will replace it. Compatible with standard female o-ring fittings. This kit will include everything needed to remove the old compressor and add the new compressor. 135cc oil. $454. 94$454. CCA will custom make your hoses. 00 Priority Mail S/H (insurance included). Check the instructions inside the box for adding the proper type and amount of oil to the compressor. This equates to a parts and labor May 13, 2013 · There is an Enhanced Sanden SD7 that cover 170cc to 210cc displacement to replace R4 180cc. Shaft Driven. Disassembly and resealing this compressor is straightforward If an OEM retrofit procedure is not available, Sanden recommends the following procedure: Sanden's Procedure for Conversion from R-12 to R134a: 1. I can't find specs for the R4. • ALL REMANUFACTURED (and some New) COMPRESSORS SUPPLIED WITHOUT SWITCH (avaliable separately). 888301087 In Stock. View Item. Home > Categories Kit - Universal. S6 Compressor - Rear. Sanden Style SD508 A/C Compressor Sanden Style SD508 A/C Compressor; R134A Series; 2A or 8 Groove Pulley, Please let us know FEATURES: Universal Fit Compressor 100 Percent New Components York and Tecumseh to Sanden Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket / Mounting Kit Adapts York bracket to Sanden style SD508, 510, 709, 7H15, 7H16 and many other Sanden and Seltec. It will not be cheap to replace the compressor after it goes bad. G 052 154 A2/ G 052 300 A2) NOTE-• Replacement Sanden compressors from Volkswagen are supplied with 135 cc of refrigerant oil. DIESEL KIKI 488-46120 AC COMPRESSOR THIS IS A COMMON COMPRESSOR FOUND ON MEDIUM AND HEAVY DUTY APPLICATIONS AS WELL AS AFTERMARKET ADD ON AND REAR A/C SYSTEMS. The pricey GM HT-6 compressor has a "free-floating" 4-piece case that is notorious MSRP $241. They did tend to be noisier, and if you ran them just a little low on oil, were prone to self-destruction, contaminating the entire system with shards of aluminum that were tough to get rid of. $355. Heating and Air Conditioning AC Compressor Replacement Audi A6 AC Compressor Replacement An AC compressor is an important component in your car’s air conditioning system, and the cost of replacement will vary depending on the type of car. Sanden-style’s high efficiency compressors have a continuous duty rating of 6,000 rpm and require an insignificant amount of power to turn. A bracket from Vintage Air. Auto AC compressor reseal parts and kits, automotive AC service parts, compressor reseal kits,10PA,10P, HS18S20, FS10, R4, A6,HT6,Sanden, shaft seal tools A6 to Sanden Compressor Conversion Kit 12V. I realize it will not be a direct bolt-in replacement. Last year when I checked the pressures they were fine. 99. 06-23-13 09:41 AM - Post# 2357764 In response to 454cid The R4 compressor is the worst piece of garbage GM ever made. The total system oil capacity for many late model passenger car A/C systems is only about 4 ounces (120 ml). 65-68 Ford Sanden Style Compressor Mount Kit These characteristics make the Sanden an almost ideal performance compressor. One New Aftermarket Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 & R4 to Sanden Style Fits Allis Chalmers Models: 4W220 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only - Late Tractors May Require Shimming the Compressor Forward a 1/2", Due to Variances in the Front Crankshaft Pulley), 7030 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7040 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7045 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7050 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only A new AC compressor for Audi A6 ensures that your interior stays cool and comfortable on hot days by sending refrigerant throughout your system. 1; 2 Re: Sanden Compressor Choices I totally understand about quality, I got a compressor off ebay, it was brand new and took a crap quick, then I got one from a supplier here in phoenix, it was the exact same compressor and it took a crap, then I looked on ebay for a compressor that wasn't like the two that took a crap on me, I found one and everything has been good since. $331. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders Sanden Compressors. Buy Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Compressor w/Dual Switch - New: Compressors - Amazon. Audi ac compressor typically cost between $195. It includes a New Denso OEM compressor plus all of the parts required to replace your Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Chevrolet Truck parts, including Chevrolet Truck interior parts and soft trim, Chevrolet Truck exterior sheet metal, Chevrolet Truck moldings, Chevrolet Truck emblems, Chevrolet Truck weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation. General procedure to remove and reinstall a/c compressor clutches. I had to learn all this because my new vintage air sanden compressor locked up after 4 months ,they new seltec tama sanden style 8 groove compressor THIS IS A BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT FOR SELTEC TAMA, I. Standard, fits various vehicles. We carry a full line of Sanden Compressors for everything they make including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo Truck, Caterpillar, Equipment and much more. 96. Jun 25, 2012 · Have any of you installed a Sanden 508 or similar style A/C compressor onto a first gen SBC with V-groove pullys on the driver's side of an S30? Also, have seen set-ups from various A/C shops but could not find a set up that would bolt up in the location that my current A-6 compressor is with no power steering. We offer high quality new, OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured Audi A3 Quattro AC Compressor parts. We have a one year limited warranty on these Compressors. High Pressure Relief Valve Service 10. Manufactured by Sanden - replaces DELPHI HT-6. The A6 have similar problem with R4 with leaky seals. It identifies Sanden and Denso as OEM suppliers. 00 Add to cart; Compressor Polished Pro6TEN A6 Replacement $ 869. 2. Jul 23, 2012 · Just letting W123 diesel enthusiasts know that that is now a kit out to replace the troublesome Delco R4 a/c compressor with a more durable Sanden 508 compressor. Oil Compressor Oil Type Oil P/N Type Oil P/N Additional Measure Style Capacity Oil-R12 R-12 Oil R134a R134a One New Aftermarket Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 & R4 to Sanden Style Fits Allis Chalmers Models: 4W220 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only - Late Tractors May Require Shimming the Compressor Forward a 1/2", Due to Variances in the Front Crankshaft Pulley), 7030 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7040 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7045 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only), 7050 (Allis Chalmers Engine Only The MEI A6 to Sanden Changeover Kit 24V 5252SF will convert to p/n #5252A (A6). Repair Procedures 4. A6 to Sanden Compressor Conversion Kit 24V. This new design is specifically engineered to fit original A-6 mounting brackets and A/C hose assemblies. This video shows how to replace the front shaft seal on Sanden 5 and 7 series compressors. Where can I find the coil positions on your A6 compressors? I'm looking to change to a more modern, Sanden compressor (from the Harrison A6) and am thinking of using the brackets from a later model RR/Bentley to fit the compressor. FAQ. If the compressor is slinging oil from the front (often seen on the underside of the R12, A-section clutch with Delco R4 compressor with Sanden compressor with accumulator with accumulator with Sanden compressor Sanden TRS090 model 3018 Sanden TRS090 model 3017 DKV14D, OE: 506021-4281 R12 R134a Replaces SD507 Sanden TRS090 model 3017 SP-10 Delphi, A-section SP-10 Delphi, polygroove COR-36465Z, COR-36467Z COR-36460Z COR-36712 convert SBC A6 to Sanden - good or bad? Pag 46 oil capacity. 99 and $437. Designed to be used with all existing factory a/c brackets & hoses, with no modification whatsoever. Search: Search. , Ltd. Sanden auto part Due to border restrictions, cost are subject to change. The compressor itself failing is a much bigger problem. Worn piston rings. It is designed to run  From the other thread: The A6 was a good compressor but, I have Sanden SD7 that cover 170cc to 210cc displacement to replace R4 180cc. 11. The use of R134a in mobile A/C systems designed for R-12 refrigerant use causes higher discharge pressures (as much as 10-15%) and necessitates changing the compressor lubricant from mineral oil (5GS) to PAG oil (Sanden's SP-10 or SP-20) to ensure compatibility. So where is a good place to get a sanden style replacement ] Are you tired of that huge, clunky, horsepower-stealing A5 or A6 compressor sitting on your engine and stealing its thunder? You're not alone. 6 oz. 65-68 Chevy BB Factory Compressor Mount Set 7 PC Set. I see several on eBay for a reasonable amount, but they are remans. However, to know exactly which compressor to fit, I need to know the various model numbers. any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. in the 68-72 chevy's is far superior than any aftermarket replacement unit. It may be located close to the compressor (under the battery tray, for instance), but it may also be located in the under-hood fuse box, or somewhere else depending on the make and model in question. The straight coil to straight rotor/ pulley and stepped coil to stepped rotor/pulley. Jan 17, 2020 · The Pro6TEN compressor is a bolt-in replacement for the GM Frigidaire/Harrison A6 compressor. Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Style. com provides automotive A/C replacement accumulators, compressors, condensers, driers Contact us in Warren, Arkansas for Auto Repair and Auto A/C replacement parts for everything under the sun! Family owned & operated for over 35 Years. Selecting The Correct Sanden Compressor There are several different ways to choose the correct Sanden replacement compressor. Compressor. Reduced horsephower draw. Item 4) Replace filter drier / accumulator. in. These compressors are commonly found on Dodge trucks as well as universal Sanden applications. Use spaces to separate tags. I painted the compressor black so it does not stand out as much. Any year or mounting position A6 can be replaced using this kit. We need to a shope to make lines to adapt the current fitting to the Sanden fittings. If you are unable to find a specific product through the vehicle search function, we do not carry a compressor for that specific vehicle. WILL REPLACE : 204727 AIR PRO note: on some models the valve removed will be longer at the brass tip. 6 V6 191kW engines, Škoda Fabia 2, Škoda Octavia 2, Škoda Superb 2, Škoda Yeti, Škoda Roomster Jan 29, 2012 · Since Sanden has discontinued the SD508 compressors, I see that Four Seasons has since started offering the Four Seasons 57113 compressor designed to replace this. Guaranteed to Fit. 9080, 5012, 9056, 9083, 9096, 9076, 9249: 2: 1/2" 12v: 125 mm: cl 1003: 9077: 2: 1/2" 24v Cheap Air-conditioning Installation, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:auto a/c ac compressor shaft lip seal for sanden SD508 SD510 Ford HR980 GM a6/r4 York YA12/15 SEIKO SEIKI SS148PB/170PSS/811PB5 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. 50±0. A/6 Compressor, Ceramic Shaft Seal Kit $ 39. John Deere®. Order a replacement AC compressor for your classic car today! New Sanden style SD7B10 a/c compressor. Sanden 508 Style, 134A, Vertical O-Ring, Compressor Sanden 508 Type quantity. GM Pad Mount Compressor 2" Extension with Double 1/4" Charge Ports 451-11602. A Sanden SD compressor will outlast an R4 by many years. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. $519. I'm not a pro, so I It's twice as heavy as a Sanden compressor with the same capacity. 508 Sanden Air Conditioning Compressor Serpentine. 00 + $20. 96 A6 to Sanden Compressor Conversion Bracket Kit John Deere 30/40 Series. Default sorting, Sort by popularity, Sort by newness, Sort   Replace Dash AC Compressor with a Modern One. This compressor is found on many Ford F650 F750 chassis motorhomes. I used FrostyCool refrigerant in my Sanden compressor A/C system. Check to ensure clutch components are matched correctly. The mounting of the Sanden-type compressor is very simple – use the front mounting plate for the A-6 to bolt the new compressor through the 3 axial holes behind the pulley. x 8” H, Quick Coupler Fittings 106-5532 74R3526 Switch-Binary Switch with Wire Harness 114-5333 26541 SanDen TOOLS 15-3140 Sanden Compressor Clutch Tool Kit (Essential tools only for removing and installing clutches) Tools & Tool Sets SeLTeC / vaLeO (Tama / ZeXeL / DIeSeL-KIKI) COmPreSSOr TOOLS DKS12DKS13 DKS15 DKS26/31 DKS16 Part no. I am going to drain the oil out of the new compressor to check the amount. 12 Torque armature retaining nut Fig. on Alibaba. Sanden - SD7B10. 1. The kit comes with the main mounting bracket, belt, tension adjusting brackets, oil cooler lines mounting bracket, and all necessary fasteners. Factory Oil Charge: 200cc Oil Model: SD7 Mounting Type: Conversion Brackets Oil Type: PAG100 Product Name: Compressor All Our Parts are Brand New and covered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer's Warranty We carry a full line of Sanden 888301086 - Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Style for Massey Ferguson 2675 Tractors at $442. 2TSI 55kW, 1. Find here Air Conditioning Compressors, AC Compressors manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Check for evidence of oil leakage Jan 31, 2009 · I am instaling a new sanden TRS090 compressor and receiver/dryer on a 1997 honda civic DX. For compressor tools and parts visit our website at http://shopcenturyautoair. Upgrade your compressor now and say goodbye to the loud, leaky, short-lived R4. $439. Replacement & Replacement Cost: Sanden SD compressors are less expensive to replace than the R4, and easier to install and service. For 90 degree TiteFit fittings. This kit will include everything needed to remove the old compressor and add the new compressor on a small or big block Chevy. Sanden compressor | 135 cc ± 15 cc (4. Nov 04, 2013 · Sanden 508 Compressor Question So I have a Sanden 508 a/c compressor with a two groove pulley. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Replace features premium quality and will perform One New Aftermarket Compressor Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Style Fits Allis Chalmers Models: 4W305, 7000, 7010, 7020, 8010 (Prior to S/N 2012), 8550 (Models w/ 6. P-2407 lets you replace the heavy A6 with a Sanden and keep its original mounting location. Wrong oil viscosity. 5) Replace expansion valve / orifice tube. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. Conversion Kit, Delco A6 to Sanden Style Compressor - New. Be the first to review this product. 00+. A/C Compressor - Sold individually, Sanden Replacement A6. If you have an older A6 type compressor, you can see this oil loss on the underside of the hood, right above the compressor belt. 7) Evacuate system to deep vacuum, 29. Aside from the valve, you may have to replace the A/C hose or the compressor unit itself. Cylinders: 7 cyl Comp. Anybody with exp here, your feedback is greatly We want everyone to be able to enjoy warehouse direct pricing on Audi AC Compressor auto parts. I do have my own pulldown pump and head set. If it is not listed in the application section then… 2. Each notch on dipstick equals 1 oz. 63. Lamborghini Sanden SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5 148 Lancia Sanden SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5 148 Land Rover Sanden TRS SP10 PAG 46 4 118 Land Rover Sanden SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5 148 Lexus Nippondenso 10PA ND8 PAG 46 6-7 177-207 Lotus Sanden SD SP20 PAG 46 6 177 Vehicle System Lubricant Cap. Grade 8 zinc coated socket head allen bolts, all necessary hardware, spacers, and installation instructions included. Laser cut . the sticker on it says 130cc what is the total amount of oil for the complete system and how is it devided up for the components. SHS - GM Type Compressor S6 - GM A6 Replacement (1401069-1) *FREE SHIPPING in U. Part # p-2407. Often a shaft seal replacement is all that is needed on a used one to get many years of service. 4 oz Refrigerant=R134A Volts=12 #888301344 This is a bolt on kit to your John Deere tractor model #s 4040, 4230, 4240, 4430, 4440 and 4630. Sanden generally uses a four digit number like 9125, but could also include letters for example "U9125". Instead of gambling with a rebuilt unit which very likely will fail, I would investigate salvage yards for a used A/C compressor that would fit your model. sanden compressor to replace a6

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